Building native mobile apps with React

Framework for Native Apps

React Native, is a platform based out of React Framework, that aids businesses to construct rich and proficient mobile applications using JavaScript solely. Applications built on React Native are indistinguishable from other apps. React Native can be used to build apps on both Android and iOS operating systems each respectively called React Native Android and React Native iOS. The core aspect that sets the React Framework apart is the React Native Navigation.

Few of the features of React Native are the elimination of recompilation of the code, modular overview, ease of usage and a comprehensible ecosystem. Applications developed on React Native are extremely fast, efficient and are compatible with third-party-plugins. PointerArray, with its contemporary and innovative approach, accumulates these boons of React Native and constructs individualistic applications for businesses with sheer finesse and creativity. Trust us with our team of experts from the industry who are well-versed with the knowledge and materials required to build the best applications.

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