App Development

Visualforce and Lightning offer methods to fabricate and construct custom interfaces for Salesforce. VisualForce Development is a web-only platform that was user-friendly and a primitive version of Salesforce Lightning.The Lightning framework in Salesforce is a customizable and interactive platform for customers, clients and other associates of your business which can be exercised on both mobile and desktop.  Salesforce Lightning is a huge upgrade from the classic Salesforce version in terms of performance and user-convenience. Users can switch from ‘Salesforce Classic’ to ‘Salesforce Lightning’ without any hassle by keeping all the data intact. It offers unique features like Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud and Salesforce Analytics Cloud. We, at PointerArray, will help you carry out  all your Salesforce tasks and manage your Salesforce Lightning. So, make a wise investment in one of India’s leading Outsourcing and Offshoring companies and give your business the boost it deserves.