A successful and budding business is promoted with attractive, innovative and modern video-ads. Video-Making is a highly personalized, creative and unique task completed usually by outsourcing agencies, which may invite discrepancies,time-constraints and other unfavorable outcomes due to the communication gap. PointerArray has intricately crafted an application, ZenvyApp, to avoid such inconvenience for the users.


ZenvyApp takes the individual input from the users and makes videos as per their specifications in a span of just a few minutes. It consists of features to customise the theme, background and text of the video and add music and creative-transitions with the help of the in-built app attributes. A huge benefit of the ZenvyApp is that the user can constantly monitor the progress of the video and make necessary changes wherever needed. This helps in including all the desired elements in the video and not missing out on anything that the business finds crucial.


It is a quick, well organized and labor-saving app to fulfill all the necessities of video-making and is a cost-effective solution for the businesses. Businesses can use ZenvyApp as an efficacious marketing-tool to generate ingenious and visionary ads.