Medquil is a collaboration of a digital pen and a mobile application used for automating the hand-written medical documents for improved-accuracy, elevated-ease, and increased-simplicity. It is a doctor-driven as well as a patient-driven platform wherein the convenience of both are given immense priority and taken into consideration. 


It comes with an efficient internal storage capacity where all the written data is saved and can be utilized for reference and performing other crucial tasks at any given point of time. PointerArray has annexed the customisation features of Medquil by enabling digitized prescriptions and accumulated a pivotal feature wherein on completion of an appointment, the patient receives a text message of the prescription inscribed by the doctor for later reference.


Another essential asset of this app is that it gives the doctor the prolonged health records of the patient to help in grasping their medical-history and treat them better and additionally, it gives the patient the access to their medical-database which is securely stored on-cloud with the help of this app. The application induces the modern approach to medical prescriptions and is a perquisite of the current-day society.