PointerArray made a performance management application for Abhaav in order to satisfy the essential needs of an organization. This application constantly updates and evaluates the performance analytics and sales management of the organization irrespective of the location This eases out the tasks of the managers and helps them understand their employees better by enabling personal supervision which in turn encourages different task assignments.


Managers can also utilize the feature of ‘performance analysis’ in the app to comprehend the targets of every employee In an organization dealing with multiple sections, it is extremely crucial to monitor the work done by all the employees effectively.. Abhaav, with the innovations of PointerArray, allows users to generate specific conditions at any given instance and thereby measure the performance rate of every employee in a metric system.


The metric system can be used after every activity performed by an employee and is extremely efficient and productive. The uninterrupted exploration of capabilities through the app helps to reach the targets in less stipulated time. The app has received immense gratification from its users and is playing a vital role in employee-assessment in different organisations.