Adidas marketing strategy and incredible vision “everything for customers”

Being the crush in the competition adidas incredible vision is “ everything for consumers”. Trust, growth and innovation are the main entities in its target market criteria. The main motto of marketing strategies in Adidas include “ not to lose a single customer”. Through Salesforce platform, Adidas is capturing online web behaviors of customers. It is a user’s oriented analysis, which in turn provides personalized ads, according to user taste and preferences.

It is not just how reputed the company is and how it’s production standards are, Adidas stays connected with its consumers using the technology as an opportunity to bring people’s contact and service sections together. Adidas marketing strategy actively expresses its interests and shows its attention and care towards consumer’s want and needs in every possible way.


Adidas’s “everything for consumers” is an amazing commence. It just transforms customer service and delivers the profit. The service analytics in this segment gives a complete and clear idea about every customer interest. It enables and encourages the customer to perform queries and generates reports on its own. It provides with a facility of adibots for consumer queries. For example, to change the delivery address or to change the color of the product.


The marketing platform of the company provides digital engagement with multi level marketing and pricing strategies. It is a unique way to deliver personalized consumer engagement at scale. It consists of various subsections such as mobile studio, e-mail studio, journey builder, advertising studio, social studio and Einstein vision.

The new adidas’s data management platform unifies the consumer’s details across all the personalized devices. It captures, unifies and activates consumer data on the scale. It gives cross-device identity using segmentation. It follows lookalike modeling for data activation. It gives the complete analysis of digital journey from selecting the product to ordering it online.


Adidas is engaged with intelligent commerce platform which provides unified shopper experiences across any channel. It has the mobile first reference architecture and unique order management process. It also has the predictive sort of sales and imparts shopping even on Instagram.

The more we understand the customer, the more we serve them is an appreciable approach of its digital network marketing strategy. This is how Adidas has built its own digital journey using salesforce platform.

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