Choosing the right Online Video Making tool can be a dicey decision as there are so many tools in the market today. Different organizations have different needs when it comes to creating promotional-content and video-ads are the most effective in reaching the audiences today. Videos engage audiences to the maximum extent as its a platform that includes both audio and visual elements which appeal greatly to their minds. Studies have shown that a company’s most successful marketing asset is a terrific video-ad-campaign. With the rising competition, it is very important to use the right tools to create interesting and unique video-content to not be left behind. This article will help you understand how different tools help in producing different types of videos.

Here are the top 7 online-marketing-video making tools:


If you’re a video-blogger, social-campaigner, marketing-executive or simply a modern-day-enthusiast, you can use Adobe Spark as your go-to video creation platform. You can use it to create crisp, informative, brief and petite videos for social-media channels or your blog posts. With its template categories like ‘Stand Out Social’, ‘Grow Your Business’ and ‘Champion Your Cause’  you can directly start content-marketing. The app is divided into three different tools; Spark Page’, ‘Spark Post’ and ‘Spark Video’. With the help of Spark Video’s stunning graphics which are very appealing to the eyes, you can make inspirational videos for the masses if you’re running an NGO/Social-welfare-org, or if you’re a youth-icon/motivational speaker. It is a quicker option than most tools to create a high-quality video. You can adjust the screen as per your needs to fit the elements in different arrangements like fullscreen, split-screen or title-and-caption.  This tool can also be used to make posters or web-pages with Spark Post and Spark Page. It is a single platform to create motion and still marketing materials of a marketing campaign and you will not need an additional tool to perform these tasks.



If making business-presentations, tutorials, lyrical-videos, recipe-videos, and karaokes is causing you trouble, Typito is the online video making tool to ease your work. The most attractive and outstanding features of Typito is its Text Animations which has been appreciated by most users. The text interface of Typito lets you use transitions on the text itself and instantly makes the video more innovative and quirky. You can initially try the free-trial package to test its features and then subscribe for the monthly packages which are pretty economical; Plus($29/month), Business($59/month) or Agency($129/month). ‘Plus’ allows users to make up to 8 HD videos allowing up to 5 porting chances per video, ‘Business’ allows users to make up to 20 HD videos allowing up to 5 porting chances for each video and supports video making in different languages and ‘Agency’ is a bonanza allowing users to make up to 40 full HD videos, allowing 10 porting chances, multi-language video-making and gives the reseller rights of the video. It has specific themes like ‘ Digital Marketer’, ‘ Food Blogger’, and ‘7-year-old Toy Reviewer’. This can be a great tool for budding Vloggers.



Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker, can be used to make animated, brief and visually appealing videos. It allows you to select a style, add authentic text and images, give a background music and make a video in no time. At the landing page, you can spot a bunch of categories of the video to work on which include large business, small business, agency, education, non-profit, personal and asks for the organizational details of your company. It then presents a set of suggestive-tools for you to work with and further guides you how to make the video step-by-step. The tool provides users with a unique feature to calculate the total time required to develop the video. Using Biteable you can also create your online business presentations and slideshows. If you’re a new user, there’s a video tutorial on the landing page to help you out. Biteable offers a wide range of customizable features and is a highly sought-after tool in the industry.



If you’re a social-media video-maker who wants to share videos only on social-media, Magisto is the tool you’re looking for. You can use it to make personal as well as business videos. During the signing up process, you’ll be asked to select your preferred style; business or personal and then be provided with suitable tools to work with. Magisto gives you the option to make a video from scratch or use existing video templates to build upon. It has different editing styles to offer depending on the package you’re subscribing for; business, premium or personal. Magisto’s music library has music ranging from vocal and instrumental to inspirational and spooky. It has a special application that lets businesses use the Magisto video-maker on their website itself.



Created by a bunch of like-minded friends, Powtoon is an online video maker that runs by the motto, “Captivate, Engage, Explain”. If you want to use animated videos for your marketing campaign, Powtoon can be of great help. This tool specializes in animated-video-making and is the best of its kind. It is a free online tool and thereby has a huge user-base. Its tools are designed for the marketing of organizations in such a way that the videos made are self-explanatory. It has special features like selection of characters, objects, and themes and helps in making educational videos too.



VideoScribe is a video marketing software used for making plain background animations and can be used to make informative guidance videos. You can make a video that looks as if it is being hand drawn with barely any information about the animation technique. This style is otherwise called an ‘explainer’ video and is helpful for promoting and training purposes. It has a free library of pictures and sounds, putting all that you require readily available. You can download the product on as many numbers of PCs as you wish to and can store it online. Videoscribe helps in making videos, especially for content marketing.



Animoto offers ‘Animoto Memories’ and ‘Animoto Marketing’. These two are the unique video-developing-software of Animoto. With Animoto Memories, you can make a slideshow of your local images along with a great track to suit it. However, if you’re looking to make professional marketing videos, Animoto Marketing is the niche tool to use. It gives you an option to select a ‘pre-built storyboard’ where most marketing-essentials are included. For example, if you’re making a video for a restaurant that serves Continental food, it has a specific storyboard for ‘Continental Restaurant’ to build upon that has culinary icons, themes and other specifics. This eliminates a lot of researching for the marketer. Animoto has a list of more than 100 video styles to pick from. Clients can enroll for a free basic account to try out these features of the tool. Also, before finalising the video, you can review your video to see how the video looks and roll out any improvements. It has very strong visual graphics and makes a video in less to moderate frame of time. It is one of the cheapest tools to use in the market today.






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