5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Salesforce Lightning Components

Salesforce Lightning Roadmap

Salesforce Lightning Community is the fortune seeker of the technology lying in the current-times and in the times far ahead of it. It provides a stunning, contemporary and customizable user-experience without a glitch in the variety of products it works on. Lightning empowers businesses to fabricate web applications and mobile applications utilizing intuitive instruments. What’s more is that The Salesforce Lightning platform is the leading venture in the application-arena with third-party constituents for smoother personalization and application building. Fundamentally, Lightning is intended to aid you to manufacture speedier applications, discover bits of knowledge rapidly, tweak your work-experience and constantly stay connected.

The Salesforce Classic version, based out of the native-functioning, though is solely a wonderful manifesto to carry out all the Salesforce tasks of a business. But, Salesforce Lightning is a huge transformation from the classic version and is a contemporary UI framework used for building extremely fast website applications as well as mobile applications and is posing to be a game-changer in the fast pacing world of modern technology.


Here are top 5 reasons why Salesforce Lightning is a superior choice in the Salesforce lightning vs Classic affray:




One of the most crucial attributes of Lightning is, as the name suggests, its lightning speed of functioning that does not, in any way, hamper the performance of the applications built on it. The Salesforce Lightning platform offers users with an absolutely unique feature, ‘Salesforce Lightning Components’. With the assistance of Salesforce Lightning Components, applications can be built in a very small frame of time with utmost efficiency. Building an application with components encourages parallel outlining and enhancing the general improvement in productivity. This feature lets the developer couple one component with the other which eliminates the use of code and saves an ample amount of time and automates the entire process. The base of the web app or mobile app can be constructed with the help of Lightning Components and later on customized as per the convenience of the businesses/clients.



Lightning Bolt Salesforce is a brand new model constructed to facilitate the speedy ahead-of-modern-times pre-bundled networks, entries and sites. Lightning Bolt platform provides businesses with templated networks or entryways that have been worked to address an industry particular like the protection of the representative administration and understanding the commitments of each of the sections of an organization. Each Bolt solution has a custom UI subject, an arrangement of pages and an arrangement of Salesforce Lightning

Components. The rich and diverse system of the Salesforce Lightning Community accomplices has made industry-particular Bolt Solutions that escalates the performances of the businesses over a wide assortment of ventures with business rationale and a cutting-edge drawing involvement.



In a world with extensive linking, networking, and communication, many bridges have been gapped with the help of the fast-growing digitization. However, a certain fraction of the world still remains detached from one another. Businesses, with its enormous workflow, often tend to stay disconnected from the intra-businesses sections and most crucially, with the clients, which cause deteriorations in the task-performance. Hence, for any organization to draw in with its client, an application is fundamental today. With an application, like the Salesforce Lightning, you can connect with the clients individually, make personalized customer-profiles and provide customers with responses to their respective queries. The remarkable element of Salesforce Lightning Platform is the simplified Drag-and-Drop feature wherein basic and custom parts can be composed alongside AppExchange segments to manufacture the applications rather quickly. This is made conceivable through The Lightning App Builder and The Salesforce Lightning Component Framework.



A business that is inspired by growth, development, and innovation, nurtures and fosters the hassle-free experience of its clients. Salesforce Lightning utilizes a stateful customer and stateless server design that is based out of JavaScript on the customer side to oversee the UI component metadata and application information. It is essential for businesses to give their clients a personalized-involvement with the application as soon as they open it. This can help the product or the service of your business to leverage a deep-rooted connection with your client and can enable you to portray the boons of the services and products of your business indefinitely. Lightning Design System is a platform that directs businesses to engage their clients in the organization personally. It enables the businesses to fabricate client arranged segments without using codes and is thereby an user-centric platform.



Salesforce Lightning is an accumulation of diverse elements that make the experience of the developer and the client an exceedingly personalized and more creative one. It consists of multiple tools and lightning components that are rich in performance. The components that are incorporated in Lightning are derived out of concrete sources and as additional components are included, businesses can access the function of each of the components without the quality of the applications being compromised upon. This feature of Salesforce Lightning is taking the industry by a storm as it is a win-win situation for the developer as well as the client. It induces a strong and advance client-experience and hence, a powerful client-commitment.


The overall usage of Lightning induces a feeling of ease, modernity, and innovation in the minds of the users. This very factor is the building block of an efficient task-performance by the different sections of the businesses. To deliver to perfection a business must ensure that the satisfaction-criteria is attained on both ends; the client and the developer. Salesforce Lightning is a go-to choice for businesses willing to invest in a modern, reliable and top-quality approach to carrying out all their essential Salesforce instance tasks. The Lightning interface design gives a new look and feels to the users. The overhauled Reports and Dashboards in Lightning enables users to go about the Salesforce processes easily. Additionally, the restructured features help users find the essentials in a task effortlessly. Under the section of ‘Top Results’, it is anything but difficult to find a previous as it records it as often as it is used. Another crucial aspect of The Salesforce Lightning is the Object Manager that encourages users to enhance their setup encounter. On utilizing this feature, a user can access all the sections of an application which include page formats, rules and so forth. All-in-all, Salesforce Lightning is the wisest and redeeming investment a business can make it its regard for improvement.

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